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Elemental: How to Train Your Mind to Have More Insight

By The Healthy Minds Team

In this article from Elemental, Healthy Minds Innovations Team Member, Dr. Cortland Dahl, delves into what scientists have discovered about human flourishing.

Image: artpartner-images/Getty Images

As we face historic levels of stress across the world, HMP creator and Healthy Minds Team member, Dr. Cortland Dahl, explains how we can use “Insight” for better resilience in this piece for Elemental. From the article: “Studies have shown that meditation and other forms of mental training allow us to recognize when our thoughts and feelings are hijacking the way we see ourselves, and see the world, which then gives us the opportunity to shift the way we relate to our memories, expectations, and beliefs.” The piece also includes actionable tips to begin working on your insight.

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