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Stay Connected to Colleagues While Working from Home

By The Healthy Minds Team

In this week’s Workplace Wednesday well-being post, learn how to practice appreciation when you are not physically with your team.

In our workplace well-being program, Healthy Minds @Work, we help employees and team members cultivate the skills of a healthy mind through awareness, connection, insight, and purpose. 

Connection is a key area for workplace well-being.

Connection helps us to develop healthy, meaningful relationships; not only with people who we care for and like, but also with people who we don’t know–even people who we don’t like. 

The workplace is filled with complex relationships that require us to show up and collaborate–sometimes with people who we don’t personally like. It is extremely beneficial to develop the capacity to connect with others at work–the quality of these relationships impact the quality of our work and our overall happiness, especially given the amount of time we spend working. 

There are three specific skills that we train in as it relates to connection–appreciation, kindness, and compassion. Most likely you experience each of these during your work day, but by training them–with intention–we are able to purposefully extend these capacities. 

But how do you build the skills of workplace connection when you are literally not in the same place as your colleagues? How do you stay connected and foster the skills of appreciation, kindness, and compassion through a screen?

Something like practicing appreciation can be done whether you are physically with your team members or not. Try out this meditation to build this skill for a few minutes during your workday.

Meditation: Appreciation for Remote Colleagues 
  • Start by closing your eyes and taking a few deep breaths. Allow your mind and body to relax.
  • Bring people to mind who you normally see at work who make your life and work easier. They too might feel isolated during these times. If it helps, imagine that you are physically with them.
  • Take a moment to appreciate these people, and wish them well. Imagine what you might say or do to express your appreciation.
  • Slowly open your eyes. If you feel inspired, take a few minutes to reach out to a team member and express your appreciation.

You did it! You can add this practice (or this seated appreciation meditation) to your workday to keep feeling inspired and connected – even when you are not physically in an office with others.

To learn more visit Healthy Minds @Work, visit this or take our Public MasterClass.

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