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Healthy Minds Services

Our neuroscientific and training experts will help you measure and cultivate the well-being of your team.


Bring out the best in your teams

Our Healthy Minds Services go beyond mindfulness and actually helps your employees train their minds to be more calm and focused, develop healthier relationships with colleagues, gain perspective in workplace interactions, and bring more meaning to work.

Using our proprietary framework, we can help you promote a culture of collaboration, compassion, focus, and resilience as your employees learn the skills they need for well-being.

Proven App Results

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Decrease stress by 28%*

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Reduce symptoms of depression by 24% and anxiety by 18%*

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Increase social connection by 13%*

Stay tuned!

HMI is working on some exciting new solutions for the workplace. We’ll have more to share soon.

If you are a larger organization (>1,000+ employees) and would like to schedule a conversation to discuss your specific needs, please email

In the meantime, our free app is available for download.