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Join The Female Quotient’s Event: Why Preventing Caregiver Burnout Needs to Be A Priority

By The Healthy Minds Team

The Event Features Healthy Minds Innovations Team Member, Stephanie Wagner.

Thursday, September 17, 10-10:45 AM EDT

The Female Quotient, a female-owned business committed to advancing equality, is offering a free event, Thursday, September 17th, 10-10:45 AM EDT for a virtual event, Family Challenges During COVID: Why Preventing Caregiver Burnout Needs to Be a Priority.

This event will feature a panel discussing the challenges facing caretakers, specifically women in the workplace.

Photo by Leonard Beck on Unsplash

With stay-at-home orders in place, numbers show that partnered women who work full-time and have families are putting in an extra 20 hours of work — including childcare, caring for elderly relatives and housework — a week. And, Latinx and Black women, as well as single mothers, are spending even more hours per week on these responsibilities than white women or those with partners. In this panel, we explore what companies can do to help employees stay engaged at work, while also taking care of children and housework.

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