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House Beautiful: 5 Easy Things You Can Do Tonight to Get Your Sleep Schedule Back on Track

By The Healthy Minds Team

In this article from House Beautiful, Healthy Minds Innovations Team Member, Stephanie Wagner, NBC-HWC, gives advice on a better sleep.

In the last year, many have had issues with getting a good night’s sleep. House Beautiful reached out to Trainer & Program Specialist, Stephanie Wagner, for tips on how to cultivate good habits for an optimal sleep routine, along with some design and shopping ideas for a bedroom set up for sleep success.

From the article:

Sleep is the thing that allows us to be our best selves. It allows us to be patient, focused, to feel good in our bodies, it allows us to have energy’s when it’s comprised we oftentimes feel ourselves lacking some of those qualities,” she explains. So when we don’t get it, “we find ourselves prone to irritation and frustration, and we lack that bouncy resilience that we have at” our baseline.

Stephanie Wagner

Stephanie Wagner Well-Being Tips