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Workplace Wednesday: Virtual Meetings and Your Well-Being

By The Healthy Minds Team

In this week’s Workplace Wednesday we discuss well-being tips for our new, video-conference world.

Photo by Stacey Gabrielle Koenitz Rozells on Unsplash

If you have the luxury to work from home during the Covid-19 pandemic you know that “Zoom fatigue” is a real phenomenon. “Zoom fatigue” describes the tiredness, worry, or burnout associated with overusing virtual platforms of communication. Whichever platform you use, you may feel exhausted after a day of imperceptible delays on video calls. 

In today’s Workplace Wednesday we’ll discuss ways to combat this fatigue, including how to create better video meetings.
  • Take a moment before the video meeting to stay present, and stop multitasking.
    • The anonymity of video calls makes it much easier to multitask while attending, which can further drain you throughout the day, and cause you to be less connected to your teammates.
    • Try this tip – if possible – block off 5-10 minutes before and after video calls to get focused and refresh.
    • This 5 minute meditation is specifically for screen breaks. Give it a shot.
  • If you don’t need to be on video, don’t be on video.
    • There are times when you need a break from constant video meetings. In those situations, turn off your video. But, do not immediately multi-task. Stay engaged, just without the video.

What if you followed all these tips and you still had a day full of bad meetings? You’re left feeling exhausted and ruminating, and it can be hard to shift your focus. Give yourself a break and send yourself some self-compassion. We are facing unprecedented challenges, and some days won’t be perfect. But in this moment, those of us who are able to work from home can feel gratitude for the ability, while also making plans to mitigate some of the drawbacks.

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