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verywell health: Train Yourself to be Happy

By The Healthy Minds Team

In this article from verywell health, our researchers share a new framework for well-being that can be cultivated through practice in daily life.

Scientists from Healthy Minds Innovations and the Center for Healthy Minds outline this new framework for well-being with its focus on cultivation of Awareness, Connection, Insight and Purpose in this recent piece from verywell health.

Dr. Christy Wilson-Mendenhall explains:

When we think about mental health, we often think about therapy. This framework broadens the conversation, to include what is more like the ‘eat your fruits and vegetables’ of mental health. We can develop mental habits that help us feel well, and that help us to be more resilient when life is harder when we inevitably experience stress and loss

The full article expands on the framework as well as recommendations for interventions.

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