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Psychology Today: 6 Tips for Finding a Meditation App That Works for You

By The Healthy Minds Team

In the latest blog post for Psychology Today, Simon Goldberg gives a scientist’s perspective on how to find the right meditation app.

Mental health apps have become a big business. There are now over 10,000 mental health apps available, offering a dizzying array of approaches and promises to improve your mental health. Of the wide variety of apps out there, meditation apps are particularly popular, by some estimates accounting for 96 percent of those using a mental health app in the past month.


  • Meditation apps account for 96% of mental health apps being used in the past month.
  • The best way to find a meditation app you like is to try one, even if that means trying out many.
  • It can be helpful to think about a meditation app as just another tool in your mental health toolbox.

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