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Psychology Today: 4 Tips for Managing Family Conflict This Thanksgiving

By The Healthy Minds Team

In the latest blog post for Psychology TodayDr. Cortland Dahl explores the plasticity of our biological stress responses.

Do family gatherings bring you stress? This may be your biological threat response kicking in. With patience and steady practice, you can train your mind to develop healthy stress responses.

Key Points:

  • Humans have an evolutionary stress response to conflict but can develop healthy responses with practice.
  • The capacity not to react is a trainable skill that is useful during heated conversations and other stressful situations.
  • Meditation can build the skills of awareness, connection, insight, and purpose for better relationships and greater well-being.

You can start training your mind with the Healthy Minds Program App, freely available thanks to the generosity of our donors wherever you get your apps.

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