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Festival of Faiths: Dr. Richard Davidson in Conversation

Dr. Davidson leads on a conversation on kindness and human flourishing at the 2022 Festival of Faiths event.

“We are kind by nature. We are born to flourish. And with a simple shift in mindset, there is a lot that we can do to change this world,” Richard Davidson says during this 2022 Festival of Faiths session. He suggests meaningful change is within reach for all of us, and that the resulting ripple effects would be significant: “If we spent even as short a time as we spend each day brushing our teeth nourishing our mind and our heart, this world would be a different place.”

About the Festival of Faiths

Based in Louisville, Kentucky, the Festival of Faiths is a nationally acclaimed interfaith event of music, poetry, film, art and dialogue focused on a contemporary theme and featuring a diverse lineup of spiritual leaders, teachers and practitioners.

The 2022 Festival of Faiths, Sacred Stories: Contemplation and Connection, celebrated the power of narratives to inspire purpose, instill a sense of belonging and define our lives. The festival investigated old and new stories through the lens of faith and explored how our identities are shaped by associations with religion, culture, politics, heritage and more. Sessions engaged participants in the sacred work of sharing stories to illuminate both our complexity and our interdependence.

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