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Workplace Wellness: A Work Day with Intention


In this week’s Workplace Wellness, we look at ways to create intention in your workdays.

Photo by Adrian Swancar on Unsplash

Does your workday ever feel like a race that starts with energy and intention at 9 am, but then ends with you slowly hobbling across the finish line at 5 pm? Without intention, days can turn into weeks of this race played on repeat. Or months.

In this week’s Workplace Wednesday – a few ways to create intention in your workdays.


  • Step 1: Your day starts the night (or week) before. Save 15 minutes at the end of each work day to take a look at your calendar for the next day. Review the upcoming meetings, the deliverables, and even the weather the night before. Create a broad list for the next day. 

  • Step 2: Notice your feelings and thoughts while creating the plan. Are you nervous about anything? Avoiding a due date? Just notice these trigger points and reflect on what’s behind your feelings and emotions.

  • Step 3: Plan your breaks. Add a walk, practice break, or personal phone call to your calendar so your breaks are actually a part of your day. If you go for a walk, bring mindful awareness to your experience. Notice the trees, hear the sound of the birds, maybe even throw in some appreciation for the environment.


  • Step 4: Take a pause before each meeting or interaction with a colleague. Before you jump from one “to-do” to another, be sure to take a minute to pause and just be. You can do this a few ways: set a timer for 1 minute and practice open awareness, take a mindful moment with an object on your desk and direct your attention to it, or close your eyes and breathe deeply, counting your breaths on the inhale and exhale.


  • Step 5: Stop working and set your intention for the next day. You’ve made it! Reflect on your day and remember to repeat the practice of planning for the next day. 

Hopefully with a bit of planning, you will feel less like you are running a race and more like you are exploring a beautiful path on a leisurely stroll. Reviewing your calendar, adding in breaks, and being present are all great ways to shift your workday from one of hectic energy to one of focused calm. Good luck!

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