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Workplace Wednesday: Be Uncertain

By The Healthy Minds Team

In this week’s Workplace Wednesday, we learn to let go and practice not knowing.

Photo by Christina @ on Unsplash

The truest thing about the modern workplace is that it will always be changing. There will always be a restructure, a new process, new software, or new leaders to contend with.

The human mind doesn’t like uncertainty or ambiguity. We generally like to feel like we have all the answers.

But, if you practice the skill of being comfortable with uncertainty, through meditation and other contemplative techniques, you can gain more ease with this state of being. Your task for the next day or two is to practice not having all the answers. See if you can open up to the mystery of life, and accept just how much you don’t really know, even about yourself.

  • Step 1: Pause from time to time as you go about your usual daily routine.

  • Step 2: Take this time to notice all the subtle details of the moment, with some curiosity and warmth.

  • Step 3: Notice how rich and how wonderfully complex the world is. Notice how rich and wonderfully complex you are.

  • Step 4: As you do this, see if you can maintain a sense of openness. Drop the impulse to do anything or figure anything out.

Throughout these moments, you are practicing the skill of not knowing – of being uncertain – without changing anything. The opportunity is to see if you can truly open yourself to the mystery of your own existence – one that is always changing.

Want some help? This 10 minute meditation guides you to explore your own innate wisdom in this space.

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