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Daniela Labra Cardero

Daniela Labra Cardero

Collaborator, Healthy Minds Innovations and Center for Healthy Minds

Founding Partner & General Director, AtentaMente

Daniela Labra Cardero is a founding partner and General Director of AtentaMente, a nonprofit based out of Mexico that brings together professionals from various fields to share mental and social-emotional training techniques with educators and students that are rooted in cutting-edge scientific research. AtentaMente has been part of the development of a nationwide social-emotional learning curriculum with a contemplative attention training component, both for Mexican students and teachers from PreK to K12. She was a coordinator, professor and researcher at the Universidad Autónoma de la Ciudad de México for 10 years. She has been a meditation practitioner for the past 20 years and leverages the latest research on the science of well-being in her work.

Daniela is currently collaborating with the Center for Healthy Minds on the development and research of a mind training-enhanced socio-emotional learning (SEL) online curriculum for preschool principals and teachers in Mexico. This program plans to reach 5,000 educators and impact more than 120,000 kindergarteners.

Daniela is a featured meditation teacher on the Healthy Minds Program app and regularly leads live meditations for Healthy Minds Innovations in Spanish.