of employed Americans say work is a significant stress 1

annual cost of employee disengagement 2

increase in worker productivity and employer savings up to $22k annually due to well-being programs 3

For the mind.
Based on science.
Designed for work.

Healthy Minds @Work teaches simple skills to develop individual well-being that improves the culture of the workplace.

The Center for Healthy Minds, led by Dr. Richard J. Davidson, has led breakthroughs in the neuroscience of well-being and how the mind can benefit from meditation training.

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Decrease Stress by 28%*
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Reduce depression symptoms by 24% and anxiety symptoms by 18%*
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Increase social connection by 13%*

Bring out the best in your teams

We offer a comprehensive suite of tools that include both digital and in-person training. And because every organization is different, we provide customized, scalable solutions to help you build a sustainable culture of well-being at your organization.

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Healthy Minds @Work includes the Healthy Minds Program mobile app, in-person training, and other tools to support the well-being of your staff.

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In-person training helps your team understand the foundations of the program and to get comfortable with meditation practices.

Dr. Richard Davidson in recording studio

Webinars offered by experts including founder Dr. Richard J. Davidson, PhD.

Man during seated practice on couch

The mobile app is easy to use with options for seated practice (shown above) or active practice.

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Healthy Minds @Work also includes compassion and gratitude practices that will help build connections across your team.

Management dashboard and metrics

Healthy Minds @Work offers reports to track program effectiveness and overall organizational well-being.

The Healthy Minds @Work Offering

Mobile App

A scientifically-informed program that uses simple exercises to train, measure, and cultivate well-being. The app includes customized on-demand practices that improve collaboration and connection among team members.


Live sessions with Healthy Minds experts and scientists that offer participants more training and information about the science that informs our program.

Metrics & Data

Rigorous scientific tools to measure employee well-being alongside organizational metrics to track program engagement. Key organizational outcomes are delivered in reports that are easy to read and provide evidence of ROI.

Training & Coaching

Live events and workshops designed to jumpstart a culture of well-being for leaders, champions, and participants alike.

How Healthy Minds Works

A science-based well-being program that goes beyond mindfulness

Healthy Minds Innovations, the nonprofit affiliate of The Center for Healthy Minds at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, has developed a new scientific model of well-being based on decades of research led by world-renowned neuroscientist and New York Times best-selling author, Dr. Richard J. Davidson. Our unique program guides users through the four pillars of training the mind:

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Train the mind to be calm and focused. Reduce mind-wandering and improve productivity.

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Develop the skills to strengthen interpersonal relationships, gratitude, and cooperation.

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Learn how one’s sense-of-self shapes emotions and reactions, and how self-inquiry can decrease stress and emotional reactivity.

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Strengthen values and principles and improve physical health and resilience.

Research has shown this program to be effective at improving workplace health and productivity.


Workplace Feedback

The best part for me was when I noticed meditation practice showing up in my daily life without a conscious effort – so rather than scheduling time to do this, it just occurred to me that it was the right thing to do and then experience validated that.

[The program] helped me stay grounded about how I need to tend to my mental health on a daily basis, just like my physical health.

I like the practice and the teaching very much! I appreciate that I can do active practice, which is what I need in my busy day-to-day life. I also like that I can set the number of minutes per practice.

You're in good company

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Created with the support of and in collaboration with the Fetzer Institute, Omidyar Group, as well as other partner organizations.

1 Stress in America, 2019. American Psychological Association

2 State of the American Workplace, 2017. Gallup

3 Aikens, K.A. et al. (2014). Mindfulness goes to work: impact of an online workplace intervention. J. Occup. Environ. Med. 56 721–731

*Findings are based on an 8-week randomized controlled trial conducted by scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Center for Healthy Minds (Goldberg et al., in preparation). Results are based on group averages and will vary from person to person. Healthy Minds Program is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or medical condition.