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Dr. Cortland Dahl: Speaking Engagements

About Dr. Cortland Dahl

Cortland Dahl, Ph.D.
Chief Contemplative Officer, Healthy Minds Innovations
Research Scientist, Center for Healthy Minds

Dr. Cortland Dahl is a leading expert on the science of mindfulness and the cultivation of well-being. He is the creator of the Healthy Minds Program, and along with Dr. Richard Davidson and Dr. Christy Wilson-Mendenhall, developed a new scientific model of well-being based on contemporary neuroscience and classical contemplative frameworks.

Dr. Dahl has an eclectic background and spent years studying and practicing meditation around the world, including eight years living in Tibetan refugee settlements in India and Nepal. He has published numerous books and scientific articles, including translations of ancient Tibetan meditation manuals and neuroscientific accounts of meditation practice. In addition to his work with the Center for Healthy Minds, Dr. Dahl is the co-founder of a global network of meditation groups and centers.

Sample talk titles include:

The Science of Well-Being

Strategies to Train the Mind

Beyond Mindfulness: New Frontiers of Scientific Research

The Four Pillars of Well-Being: Awareness, Connection, Insight and Purpose