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Mollie Blackburn

Mollie Blackburn

Data Scientist, Healthy Minds Innovations

Mollie ensures smooth transitions for clients who are utilizing HMI’s programs. She enjoys the challenges and active problem solving that often come with working with new technologies and takes pride in her carefully honed technical communication skills that encourage clients to approach new technological implementations with ease.

Mollie has spent her 8 years of her professional career working in eLearning and technology roles, primarily for medical non-profits and academic institutions. Her interests range from topics in bioethics and AI/data science to neuroscientific and philosophical principals of the mind.

In her free time, Mollie is a harpist and enjoys reading anything she can get her hands on.


  • B.A., Philosophy & Psychology, University of Illinois
  • Child Advocacy Studies (CAST) Certification, University of Illinois
  • Post Graduate Certification, Philosophy & Ethics, Harvard Extension School

What does well-being mean to me?

Well-being to me, is an objective way to measure the perception of your current mental and physical status. It's a way to understand how your daily thoughts and mind-set interact and color the world around you as a whole. Having a pulse on your own well-being encourages awareness of one's personal experience and provides an individual with insight into their own thoughts, actions, and relationships.