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Account Manager, Healthy Minds Innovations

In her work at Healthy Minds Innovations, Michelle will go the extra mile to bring a successful well-being program to your organization. Having moved from the for-profit world of customer sales and service to the nonprofit world of associations and microfinance, Michelle brings project management skills with a customer-focused mindset to HMI. Prior to joining the Healthy Minds Innovations team, Michelle worked as a Kiva Capital Access Manager. By establishing partnerships, collaborating with community organizations, and building the framework for a successful program, Michelle led a team that brought over $1 million of crowd-sourced, responsible microloans to underserved entrepreneurs in Wisconsin.

Michelle’s personal wellness journey began over 20 years ago with a single yoga class. Since that time, she has become a certified yoga teacher and a devotee of mindfulness and meditation practices.


  • B.A., Art History, University of Wisconsin-Madison