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Dr. Christy Wilson-Mendenhall

Dr. Christy Wilson-Mendenhall

Associate Scientist, Center for Healthy Minds

Scientific Lead – Healthy Minds Program, Healthy Minds Innovations

Christy’s approach to investigating the mind emerges in an interdisciplinary space that integrates cognitive, affective and contemplative science. She started her research career in cognitive science studying how we know about the world – the nature of the concepts and categories that shape our experiences. During her postdoc, she engaged in synthesis across traditional research domains to investigate the nature of the concepts and categories that shape our experiences of emotion.

This work contributed to developing and testing a novel constructionist approach to emotion. A major implication of this approach is that new learning can dramatically change an individual’s emotional life. Thus, most recently, her research is focusing on initial insights that contemplative philosophies offer a framework for cultivating well-being that aligns with cutting-edge cognitive and affective science.

Christy  is a collaborator on the Healthy Minds Framework for Well-Being as well as the scientific lead, and frequent scientific expert voice featured on the Healthy Minds Program app.