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Alexis Sutherland

Alexis Sutherland

Communications & Marketing Specialist, Healthy Minds Innovations

Alexis joined the HMI team in 2021, bringing with her years of experience in community and progressive organizing. As an experienced communications professional with a passion for creating meaningful impact, she is skilled in strategic storytelling, media engagement and advocacy, with 6+ years of experience in non-profit organizations.

Deeply committed to advancing humanitarian causes and well-being initiatives, Alexis has been actively involved in campaigns rooted in refugee and immigration advocacy, labor organizing, mental health education, and reducing barriers to access community art spaces.

Alexis is committed to amplifying progressive and trauma-informed voices, delivering effective and creative communication for lasting community impact. Understanding how words and ideas can be a catalyst for human flourishing, it is her hope to bring the power of passionate community engagement to this role and beyond.


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  • B.A. Sociology & English, University of Wisconsin Madison
  • Flagler College