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Healthy Minds @Work is a digital training program currently available through corporate HR departments. 
The world’s foremost neuroscientists have some good news - mental and emotional well-being can be learned. This powerful finding is the foundation of the Healthy Minds @Work program, which guides you through daily activities to strengthen four key ingredients of a healthy mind – awareness, connection, insight, and purpose. 
Inspired and informed by more than 30 years of pioneering neuroscience research at the Center for Healthy Minds and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, this innovative program lays the foundation for personal and group well-being, which are critical to engagement, communication, performance, creativity, and success in the workplace - and everywhere else, too! 

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In App Activities Include:

Scientific Knowledge Segments: 
Hear from the world’s foremost neuroscientists about the cutting-edge science of well-being, and how our brains can be trained to look at the world differently.
Simple Practices:
Choose from hundreds of practices that can easily fit into your busy life - all led by leading experts in mindfulness. 
Scientific Assessments & Experiments:
Thanks to decades of pioneering research, Healthy Minds @Work offers the first mobile assessments of mental and emotional well-being. And while you learn more about your own personal well-being, you can choose to contribute to the cutting edge science on how to best promote and protect well-being.

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