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Chad McGehee MAT, M. Ed.

Chad McGehee is a mindfulness instructor who is passionate about making mindfulness accessible to those interested in learning, integrating and benefiting from mindfulness practice. After years of developing a personal practice, Chad uses a teaching approach that incorporates findings from modern neuroscience, best practices in secular mindfulness teaching and includes an emphasis on bringing the practice to our daily lives. Chad has designed and taught mindfulness courses at the Center for Healthy Minds as well as the UW-Health Mindfulness Program, where he collaborates with experts in the science and teaching of well-being.

In his work at the Center, Chad has created and taught mindfulness-based trainings in a Department of Education study investigating the impacts of mindfulness practice in teachers and students. He is currently training  law enforcement officers in a study to understand the effects of mindfulness training on officer resilience and well-being. Chad is actively leading trainings with retired professional athletes as well as current Division I athletes.

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